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Now don't become hesitant to push your limits to the extreme for your physical inefficiency! Ortho problems in you can prevent you from succeeding with your dreams. Get back on your knees, and join strong hands; Golden Clinic brings you back to your full efficiency by treating all your ortho problems.

We offer you a complete body assessment in Mohali to find out all the potential orthopedic problems in you and get you back to what you were doing.

Ortho problems that we can offer you relief from

We treat and deliver complete ortho care to every portion of your body. Any regular individual witnesses’ orthopedic pains in the back, knee, elbow, foot, ankle, wrist, shoulder, neck, hip and foot! At Golden Clinic, we offer you extensive care for all these body parts and make you stronger than ever before.

What hurts ortho problems?

Any orthopedic condition leads you to severe pain and swelling. Fractures, golfer's elbow, neck pain are some indispensable and unbearable pain that can exhaust you. At Golden Clinic, we diagnose all your bone and muscle flaws to give you adequate treatment.

Causes of orthopedic conditions

An orthopedic problem can arise for several mishaps and specific problems. You can also find an orthopedic problem with growing age. Age brings wearing and tearing of bones; it is more prone to the joints in your body. Overuse and repeating motions can also make you a serious orthopedic patient. At Golden Clinic, we will diagnose all such orthopedic problems and help you find the right treatment for your problem.

Symptoms of orthopedic problems

Our doctors have found some common symptoms for ortho problems with extensive years of practice in ortho. When your body develops an ortho problem, you will start feeling:

  • Muscle pain
  • Numbness in your limb, neck, and hand
  • Weakness
  • Warmth of body
  • Joint ache
  • Stiffness in moving joint
  • Swelling
  • Bone pain
  • Disproportion of the affected area

Our approach to treatment

Diagnosis: Our approach of treatment starts with diagnosing your ortho problems first. With a skilled team of support staff and experienced ortho doctors, we diagnose all joints of your body; we also diagnose your body's bone and muscular parts to deliver you a streamlined and tailored treatment approach.

At Golden Clinic, we bring you:

  • Emergency room- A room designed to dictate and diagnose all your fractures! We deliver you a full-fledged ER without waiting much. Our ER takes less than ten minutes to detect all possible ortho problems in you.
  • Imaging- at Golden Clinic, we employ the most advanced technology to detect possible bone problems in you. We bring you the most exact X-ray, CT scan and MRI scans to diagnose every possible part of your body with orthopaedic problems.
  • Physical therapy- at Golden Clinic, we come with more than 20 certifications that enable you to recover easily. We engage you in several result-driven physical exercises that make your recovery faster!
  • Ortho Urgent care- Our urgent care offers you instant treatment for intense injuries and bone fractures. We have ortho doctors to start your treatment right away. We have the most experienced ortho doctors in Mohali, who have long years of practice in treating all emergency care.
  • Sports injury treatment- 9 out of 10 sports people witness an injury on-field or while practising! Sports injuries are unpredictable and mostly due to repetitive motion; we have physical therapists and ortho surgeons to treat your sports injury with the best approaches. In sports injury treatment, our expert doctors primarily let you understand the reasons that have created the possible problems.
  • Rheumatology- We empower you to eliminate your rheumatic arthritis and other rheumatic diseases problems! Our on-site therapists and ortho doctors give you can instant care to eliminate all rheumatic problems in you.
  • Virtual care- Apart from on-site treatment, we also offer virtual care and treatment to all our patients. Patients aged older and who cannot visit the Clinic can request virtual care. We deploy the best ortho doctors in Mohali to help you recover quicker with virtual assistance.
  • Comfortable treatment- We do our best possible to make you comfortable during your ortho treatment. At times, ortho treatment indulges pain and discomfort. So, we play soulful music to let you enjoy your treatment without any pain.

Why choose Golden clinic for ortho care?

  • Patient-intended atmosphere- At golden Clinic, find an atmosphere that makes you relax and forget about your pain! We make your appointment and treatment seamless with relaxing surroundings and friendly ortho doctors!
  • Advanced care-- We use the most advanced technology and treatment approach that eliminates pain even in surgical treatments. We are focused on complete care for ortho problems in Mohali with a state of art ortho treatment clinic.
  • Top Ortho Doctors- At Golden Clinic, you can find the most experienced Ortho doctors. Our leading ortho doctors are:
    • Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal - Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal is an ortho specialist with immense years of experience and certification. His massive experience offers you seamless treatment for all your ortho problems. Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal is an MBBS and MS Orthopaedics with an education from a top university. He also visited Germany to spread knowledge and experience about Traumatology and Arthroscopy
    • Dr. Varun Aggarwal- Dr. Varun Aggarwal is a joint replacement specialist with extensive years of practice in the spine and joint treatment. He also holds experience in offering smooth knee and hip replacement. With his intensive training in Spine problem treatment, he brings you seamless spin surgery.