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The life of a professional athlete is not easy. They have to regularly engage in rigorous workouts and conditioning sessions in order to perform at their best . Although these exercises are important for athletes to keep in shape, they can also be hazardous to their bodies.

Sports medicine is a growing healthcare area devoted to the treatment of sports and exercise-related accidents such as fractures, dislocations, sprains and strains, tendonitis, overtraining syndrome, and degenerative diseases.
Aside from injury care, it also works on helping athletes improve their health and avoid further injuries.

Since being a comparatively recent medical discipline, it has been indispensable for athletes due to its potential to meet their unique needs and concerns.

Who is a Sports Medicine Doctor?

A sports medicine practitioner is a certified and qualified professional who specialises in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sporting injuries.
Physical therapy, orthopaedic surgery, massage therapy, exercises, and other methods are used to treat their patients so that they can return to their optimal fitness level easily, comfortably,, and successfully.

They also educate athletes about nutrition in order to help them reach an optimum level of health and wellness to meet their athletic success goals.
Sports physiotherapists, sports massage practitioners, sports orthopaedic surgeons, sports podiatrists, personal trainers, sports dieticians, exercise physiologists, and sports biomechanists make up the sports medicine squad

Common Sports Injuries:

They can also suffer exacerbation of pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, allergies, and arthritis.

Reasons to Visit a Sports Medicine Doctor:

There are many reasons for an athlete to see a sports physician.
Let's take a look at some of them.

1. Customized Care:

Sports medicine doctors are highly qualified healthcare providers and have a thorough knowledge of the effects of exercise on their patients' bodies. They work with occupational therapists and orthopaedic doctors to create a recovery plan for their patients.

2. Injury Prevention:

Athletes will benefit from professional advice from sports doctors on how to avoid injuries during practise or games, as well as how to minimise the risk of resurfacing an old injury. They also do pre-participation physical tests on their patients to decide whether they are physically well enough to begin athletic activities.

3. Pain Management:

Sports injuries can result in a variety of orthopaedic conditions, all of which cause chronic discomfort, making it impossible for athletes to return to the field and continue with their practises.

Although sports doctors' main goal is often to diagnose, treat, and resolve the injury, they also use pain relief therapies such as electrical stimulation, spinal decompression, prescription drugs,, and injected medications to help their patients avoid or postpone the need for surgery to resume their everyday lives without restriction.

4. Rehabilitation:

Returning from an injury can be a difficult and time-consuming procedure for an athlete. If you are sidelined due to an injury, a sports specialist will help you easily regain your mobility and function and recover to the same or higher level of fitness.

5. Improving Athletic Performance:

Sports medicine doctors detect and treat painful symptoms and make you play at your best both on and off the field.
They also recommend drills and strategies to help you develop your strength and balance, which will help you succeed as an athlete.

6. Improving overall Fitness:

Athletes can stay in condition by avoiding hamstring sprains, strains, and breaks with the aid of a sports physician.
They also do full-body and musculoskeletal tests to ensure their physical health.

7. Non-Surgical Treatment:

For less serious cases, sports doctors try to prevent surgery and instead treat trauma with non-surgical procedures such as physical therapy and acupuncture.
This therapies are often non-invasive and have a shorter healing period.

8. State-of-the-Art Surgical Treatment:

Where surgery is required, sports surgeons use advanced surgical techniques such as arthroscopic ACL repair, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, hip arthroscopy, stem cell therapy, and rotator cuff repair to restore function to damaged areas.

9. Education & Nutrition:

Sports medicine doctor teach you how to fuel your body properly to deliver greater performance consistency. He also focus on each athlete's dietary needs depending on his/her general health and athletic goals.

10. Rehabilitated Mobility:

Sports injuries can limit the agility and endurance, making it difficult to participate in athletic activities. Sports medicine doctors can help you regain function, boost strength and endurance, improve range of motion, and avoid injuries.

11. Improving Confidence:

Throughout the field, an athlete can suffer from a variety of injuries that can cause him or her to be self-conscious. Sports doctors meet their individual needs, allowing them to restore interest and appreciate their sport.

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