6 Things That Will Help In Avoiding Back Pain On Your Winter Road Trips

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The winters are here once again! When more people take the road this winter for a change of scenery, relaxation is more critical than ever. It's time for some adventure, whether you're taking day trips in the car on a weekend or traveling to a faraway destination. Since many of us are opting for car travel this winter because of COVID-19 instead of planes or trains, we have some tips to make your road trip safe, convenient, and enjoyable.

Few Helpful Tips to Avoid Back Pain During Road Trips

1. Take Frequent Breaks

Frequent Breaks

Sitting for a long period of time in the same posture, where you can not completely spread your legs and back, can induce lower back discomfort in anyone, especially anyone with pre-existing back pain. Our bodies are not designed to be inactive for too long and to maximize blood supply, they need activity. Drinking 1-2 cups of water each hour and letting your bladder monitor the pacing of your breaks is a healthy way to remember to rest and stretch. When you need it, this will help remind you to find a rest stop.

2. Increase Your Break Times

Increase Your Break Times

Don't just sit and get straight back into the car minutes later for a fast gas refill. Make sure the stops involve between 15-20 minutes of working out your neck and back. Try to find a rest stop, so you can stroll around peacefully and calm your muscles. Before you go, note to arrange this extra time on your calendar so that you don't feel rushed. Your car ride may be extended, but your back is going to thank you.

3. Adjust Your Seat Correctly

Adjust Your Seat Correctly

Right now, though commuting by car can be much safer due to COVID-19, if you don't have the proper chair configuration, it can also be almost as awkward as the middle seat on a plane. Experts claim a 100 degree angled chair is best, but test the most convenient position if that doesn't fit for you before you leave. Add any extra pillows or back support you may need to enjoy the scenery comfortably on your long drive.

4. Say Hi To Buddy System

In grade school and even throughout adulthood, buddy system tip applies: fly in twos! Take breaks and hand out who is driving each time you sit for a stretch break while you are riding with a passenger. You will stretch out more easily on your "off" time by doing it this way, even though you will be back in the car. During your downtime, as a passenger, put a neck cushion to use and recline the seat to make it more convenient for you. In order to keep your back at ease, you should even do small stretches, including shoulder turns and relaxed flips, when riding as a rider.

5. Try To Avoid Tech Neck

Try To Avoid Tech Neck

Yes, Tech Neck can affect you even in the car, particularly as a passenger. Using a dashboard mount to hold your handset when enjoying a movie if you are a passenger relaxing in the front seat. This will help keep things closer to the level of the eye and keep the neck free from discomfort. Using an adapter that keeps the handheld gadget to the headrest in front of you while you are stretched out in the backseat. Try to keep your phone/tablet at eye level if you don't have one of these, and take breaks to stretch your neck to adjust your stance. Planning and planning for this will help combat any of the irritation or anxiety you may feel when you are still on the road.

6. Have Good Food

Have Good Food

It might be tempting to stop for fast food on road trips because, well, it's "fast". But is still the quickest alternative the right option? The response when it comes to your wellbeing is NO. Salty, rich meals may cause discomfort and may cause you to slouch in your seat to ease the pain. Your safest course of action is to pack those protein-rich, balanced snacks that are minimally refined to keep you fuller for longer. Eating more fruits and vegetables will also mean that during the long car ride, the body is concentrated and won't get groggy. Try to choose a spot that has healthier choices when you sit for lunch. The positive news is that many fast-food restaurants, including wraps and salads, have lighter options. To stop short meals, do what you can to aim for a fresh salad or a dinner with plenty of protein, fruit, and vegetables.

Wrap Up!

This winter season, while traveling could look a little different, it doesn't mean it has to be a pain in your back! Keeping the suffering in place is the secret to relaxation. Don't wait to stop or call for a break before it's too late. It's better to lean on the side of caution and take a break to rest, even though you are feeling mildly awkward. Road trips may not be as easy as they used to be, but it can help ensure that your back pain can be held at arm's length by having these tips in mind. Before your journey or after you return, if you are having low back pain, make sure to schedule an appointment at The Golden Clinic - Chandigarh. Have a happy and safe winter season!

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