5 Major Aching Knees Problem In Women

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The knee is deep-seated by the thigh bone conjointly known as a leg bone, the shin bone, and the patella known as the kneecap. It is actually a knee joint that is tied in place by the medial collateral ligament (MCL), lateral collateral ligament(LCL), Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), and posterior cruciate ligaments (PCL).

Most women athletes are more likely to have a lot of traumatic knee injuries. But what most people do not know is that you just haven't got to be a weekend soul to finish up with a massive knee injury. Each year, roughly ten million women see their orthopedic doctors for knee pain, typically caused by activities not associated with sports, like lifting boxes, intensifying a flight of stairs, or squatting an excessive amount of whereas farming..

Why are women ending with a lot of knee injuries?

Researchers suspect one in every of the foremost doubtless causes is that the approach women are created. Ladies tend to have wider hips and are slightly knock-kneed (their thighbones tend to curve inward from the hip till knee, and this alignment will produce additional stress on the joints. Another cause can be derived from a woman's muscles. More often, ladies tend to use their leg muscles differently than men.

Some Common Knee Problems That Occurs In Women

1. Patella or Kneecap Pain (pain within the front of the kneecap)

Kneecap Pain

When functioning correctly, your patella ought to glide straight up and down as you extend your leg. However, generally, the kneecap slides slightly astray and rubs against the bone and nearby cartilage. This may result in pain and swelling ahead of the knee and behind the kneecap. You'll conjointly hear a crackling noise.


It is vital to make up muscle endurance and strengthen the quadriceps femoris muscles within the front of your leg to prevent pain. You will conjointly stretch the muscles and tendons, which will be tight like the hamstrings (in the rear of the leg) and, therefore, the iliotibial band (on the leg's outer aspect). It's conjointly wise to avoid activities that will irritate the kneecap, like rising stairs, running up and down hills, and squatting to a fault.

2. Meniscus Tears

What exactly happens during knee replacement surgery?

Meniscus Tears

The meniscus may be a semilunar piece of tissue as the cushion for the knee. You have got two menisci in every knee. Once the cartilage breaks down, the torn items will cause irritation that ends up in pain and swelling on either the inner (medial) or outer (lateral) aspect of the knee, reckoning that cartilage is torn.


If you have got cartilage pain, make sure to ice your knee and take a medicinal drug to stay the swelling down. Work on stretching and strengthening your legs. If the problem persists when long bouts of activity, it is best to ascertain your doctor's full analysis.

3. ACL (Anterior symmetric Ligament) Tears

ACL Tears

The ACL is one of the foremost unremarkably injured ligaments of the knee. Most injuries occur within the young, athletic population. The ACL is harmed once it sustains a force that exceeds the strength of the ligament. This might result from non-contact injury (landing awkwardly, cutting, or dynamic direction) or from contact like obtaining tackled throughout a football. The chance of ACL injury is highest in sports that need pivoting, jumping, cutting, or a fast amendment of direction, which means collaborating in sports like football, basketball, volleyball, and athletics. It is also a common drawback once athletes have poor physical acquisition and lack strength or flexibility.

Individuals who encounter ACL tears sometimes describe a sense of the joint "giving out" or buckling. Several patients conjointly usually hear or feel a "pop" at the time the knee is lac. Alternative signs and symptoms could embrace an inability to play still when the injury, an excessive quantity of knee swelling noted 2-12 hours after the injury, an inability to straighten or bend the knee completely, and continual "giving way" episodes of the knee with sports activities.


Recent analysis has shown that the chance of ACL injury is also reduced through acquisition and coaching programs designed to extend balance and suppleness and improve muscle strength and endurance. If you have got AN injury that you just suspect could have caused an ACL tear, it's best to ascertain your doctor for a full analysis.

4. Problem: MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) Tears

MCL Tears

The MCL is typically harmed when the partially flexed knee's edge is thumped with the foot fixed to the ground. MCL injury can also occur with extreme outward twisting of the knee. This force causes the medial side of the knee to widen, making a stretch, partial tear, or complete tear of the ligament. An injury to the MCL is also isolated or a part of a lot of advanced knee injuries. The injuries that regularly occur together with MCL tears are ACL and cartilage (cartilage) tears. The foremost common symptom following an injury to the MCL is pain directly over the ligament on the inner portion of the knee. If solely the MCL is lacking, most patients are able to continue walking when AN acute injury, but they usually have an issue with activities involving pivoting and twisting. Pain and stiffness within the joint are localized to the inner part of the knee, and therefore, space could become swollen. A lot of important MCL tears could offer the patient a way of instability.


If you have got an injury that you just suspect could have caused an MCL tear, it's best to ascertain your doctor for a full analysis.

5.Overuse Injuries

Overuse Injuries

Repeating identical motion will result in wear and tear on virtually any of your joints. Overuse injuries are particularly common on the knees since you think about your knees for several activities. Shrewish injuries and aching bones or inflamed muscles will change into larger issues


If you believe you have got an overuse knee injury, consult your doctor and make sure to require lots of rest till your knee is not sore any longer.

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